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[ The fiction, the romance, and the technicolor dreams ]

..of black and white people.

Shinji Maeda
7 December
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Name: Shinji Maeda
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Profession: Pokemon Trainer / Artist

Notable Possessions: His pokedex, a sketchbook (which is very important to him), and sketching pens and pencils.
Badges Collected: None as of yet.
Favourite Pokemon: Shinji has a fondness for dragons: Charizard and the Dratini family to be specific.

Appearance: A short, fair skinned boy with brownish blond hair and copper colored eyes. Nothing about him really stands out from the crowd: he's far from muscular, speaks softly, and wears normal comfortable clothes. His hands are usually smudged with pencil from drawing so much.
Personality: Very shy and quiet, preferring to observe than to directly interact. He's rather awkward when it comes to being around other people his age, though once he overcomes his shyness he's very dedicated to his friends. He enjoys training his Pokemon, though he is against the cruel treatment of them, and actually enjoys letting them play outside of their Pokeballs while he draws them. He doesn't talk much, and he'll usually stop talking mid-conversation to draw if inspiration strikes.

He's very polite (preferring to tack on formalities, even with his friends), he just isn't very good with human interactions. Since he is very interested in his surroundings, he usually can be found observing others or nature, lost in thought over what to include in his next art piece. Even so, he only draws because people enjoy it: not that he doesn't mind the spot light, but being in the public eye makes him feel uncomfortable, blushy and awkward.

While it may seem like this kid doesn't have a backbone, if you push around someone he cares for (be it a friend or a Pokemon) then he'll snap and step up to the plate.

Hometown: He was born in Celadon city, but job requirements caused his family to move to Sienna Town.
History: Shinji was raised rather normally, living at home with his parents and his grandfather. His grandfather moved in with them after his wife passed away. For as long as Shinji can remember, his grandfather was an integral part of the family: primary babysitter and caretaker especially while his parents were working, and even moreso when his father joined the Pokeforce and got shipped overseas. Joining the police ranks was very important for his father, as it was for his: however, Shinji really didn't want to follow that route. Taking more after his mother, Shinji was very soft spoken and shy from an early age, and became more attracted to the more creative aspects of life: more specifically drawing, which flourished with the help of his Grandfather's old art work.

While he was no longer a Manga-ka, his grandfather kept every drawing and strip ever published: and even at an early age Shinji became fascinated with his grandfather's style and plotlines. Spending so much time with his grandfather and hearing his stories lead the young Shin-kun to develop an admiration for the older man. Around 6 years of age, Shinji began to work on his drawing, and over time his skill improved. No matter what he would draw, his grandfather always approved. This encouraged Shinji more and more, and he would spend all his free time working on his art: sitting off to the side in recess, doodling in his notebooks. His grades didn't suffer, although a lot of his classmates viewed him as 'weird' because he was never without a sketchbook, of which he still carries with him present day. It was the last book his grandfather owned and used before he retired, and he gave it to Shinji as a gift.

This encouraged him further: to pay homage to his grandfather's manga-ka lineage, he would make the Maeda name known once more.

About halfway through his middle school years, one of the drawings he submitted got accepted. He earned a spot in a local paper! It wasn't much, but to him it was a big accomplishment, especially after all the reject notices he received. He occasionally drew Pokemon comic strips, but his true skill came out in his drawing. He only drew in black and white, to pay homage to the artwork style his Grandfather did years ago. His Grandfather encouraged him to go out and be a Pokemon trainer: to see the world and find new inspiration for his art, and even though his mother wasn't too fond of the idea, she saw that Shinji really wanted to do it and agreed.

And so, with a sketchbook in one hand and a Pokeball in the other, Shinji headed out to make his own history.

Extra: He draws wonderfully, and is probably well known for some of his work as it's been published in a few places locally. He hopes to make his art more publicly known, though, and continually practices to improve his skills.

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